Learn what it takes to be a Cyber Security Pro with some serious certifications

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Cyber Security has become essential in every organization. There is a need to obtain new demand skills and particular knowledge in all sides of cyber security as the Blockchain, Big Data, IoT to reduce the risk. Cyber security is the framework for practices and technologies to protect every data, network, and computer from the attack and the unauthorized access and used for hacking attempts too.

This Cyber Security teaches professionalism to spot the vulnerabilities and attacks and respond to emergencies.  Every IT worker position is a cyber security place now.

 The cyber security job market is rising and expanding and it isn't being to be slow down at any time soon, and by a research  by the cyber security ventures foreshow that the cyber security will be increased by more than 3.5 million cyber security jobs globally by 2021, and the top best job titles in the field of cyber security are: 

  • Senior Information Technology auditor
  • ISA (Information Security analysis)
  • CIO (Chief Information Resource)
  • ISM (Information Security Manager)
  • NSE (Network Security Engine)
  • And security consultant

Cyber Security moves predict that there is a 3.6 million unoccupied cyber security jobs by 2021. Every IT workers and technology place workers are needed to get require with protecting and protecting apps, data, and devices as well as infrastructures. So which of the Cyber Security Certification is necessary and valuable to become a PRO let’s see.

10 Cyber Security Certifications:

  • Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH): this is also known as Certified Network Defense Architect(CNDA) this is for the government employees, and this is obtained through the EC council and it requires to have participants the experience of two years in IT sector and this is checked before taking the exam.

This is a skilled non-manual who understands and knows to have the look for weakness and the vulnerable in the system target and it uses the same knowledge and the tools as a spiteful hacker, but to do legitimately and to access the security of the target.


  • Certified in Risk and Information Systems Control (CRISC): this is the only certificate that prepares the IT professionals for the special challenges for IT and the enterprise of risk management and then it gives the position them to be a strategic partner in the enterprise. 


  •  Certified Information Security Manager (CISM): In this, it is to have a higher earning prospective and career development. By the recent research and data, it is seen that CISM Certification is one of the highest-paid and been on the look after IT certifications.


  • Certified in Information Privacy Professional (CIPP): promoted by ANSI/ISO certification, the CIPP/US sanction carries and generates higher revenue potential and it also increases the promotion chances because it shows a strong understanding of US privacy laws and regulations.


  • Certified Information Systems Auditor(CISA): To magnify your career you can earn CISA Certification, this is the quality of achievement for the one who monitors, auditor, and assess the IT and Business systems.


  • Cisco Certified Network Associate Security (CCNP): with this certification, a network specialist signifies the skills that are required to create a security structure, and it also acknowledges threats and the risked networks and also reduces security threats.


  • Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP): Hasten your career by taking the certificate of the CISSP certification, and securing the CISSP certificates to demonstrate that what you have and what it takes to successfully design, and to implement it and to manage it to have a best in the class cyber security program. 


  • Cisco Certified Network Associate Security(CCNA): by taking this security certification, a network specialist to signify the skill that is required to develop a security infrastructure, and are also able to seek threats and vulnerability of networks and also it reduces the security threats. 


  • CompTIA Security+: This is the first security certification that every IT specialist should earn. It setups the central or key knowledge that is required for any cyber security role and also provides a springboard to the intermediate level of the cyber security jobs.


  • Computer Hacking Forensics Investigator(C|HFI): these are the computer techniques that are used by the government sector such as the police and also the corporate entities all over the world and from this many of them turn to be EC- Council for the Computer Hacking as for the usage for the Forensic Investigator CHFI Certification program.  

So here this is the brief information to become a cyber security pro with these all certifications and last, not the least "If you have opted to learn Cyber securities then you have got a bright future ahead and a great job!"

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