A Brief Description And Specifications of The Vivo Y12

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Vivo Y12 Spotted: Coming Soon in the Philippines? | Pinoy Techno Guide


Vivo Y12 is a brand new player in the world of budget telephones. It features several great, well-balanced characteristics that make this model a wonderful option if you're searching for an excellent budget version. Basically, it features everything that's required, it functions well for casual use, such as games and programs. A really good casual version that comes in a variety of colors. Let's take a thorough look at some of the qualities of Vivo Y12.

Full View Display

The 6.35-inch display in this phone has a common 19.3:9 aspect ratio. The bezels are very narrow therefore the screen fits tight, stretching fully into the borders. The screen makes it really easy to hold the phone with just 1 hand.

Triple and Superb Wide-Angle Cameras

Though this is a funding version, the cameras within it are pretty decent. There is a 13MP chief camera, and also two extra cameras: a 2mp depth camera and an 8mp wide-angle camera. You can certainly do many things together so that these cameras be convenient. They are definitely a plus. Employing the super wide-angle camera, now you can view 120 degrees, which allows you to capture more in the frame and shoot more impressive photos.

Maximum Power Battery

The 5,000 mAh battery included in Vivo Y12 works pretty faithfully. The smartphone has innovative power-saving mechanisms to produce the battery last longer. The 5,000 mAh battery is now the industry standard, common on mobile devices.


This smartphone has been shipped with a sufficiently large amount of RAM and ROM memory, even considering its relatively low price tag. It is possible to run a fantastic number of modern mobile programs without any issues. With its 3GB RAM and 64GB disk area, you can save on your mobile device all types of new programs and start them at any moment. Additionally, it is worth mentioning that Y12 uses an octa-core processor with a CPU of 2GHz, which works pretty well.

Ultra Game Mode

Vivo Y12 is not just great for casual tasks, this is a good smartphone if you don't mind playing complex mobile games now and again. Due to this trendy choice, Ultra Game Mode, mobile gaming is now simpler. It may enhance your game so that it becomes more system tools and functions quicker as an outcome. There is also an additional option, Dual Turbo. It is possible to substantially reduce frame fall and have a greater user experience when playing. This stuff is actually great for innovative games that consume a lot of system resources, have advanced graphics, etc..


In general, Vivo Y12 is a superb model if you are especially searching for an inexpensive budget version on a limited budget. For what it's worth, this smartphone functions like a charm. Its feature set is full and you'll be able to use it for a wide range of tasks. It's a really good idea to buy Vivo Y12 if you don't want to shell out a lot on a cell phone, and in the event, you're able to settle for a cheaper, but still highly usable version such as Vivo Y12.


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